Eide presents Watermoon
Resetting the standard for aquaculture
A submersible seafood eco-system that provides a sustainable path for growth in food production.
What if we could use the sea to feed the world without impacting the marine environment?
What if we could farm anywhere?
With submersible units and a protective membrane, we keep our fish safe from external threats and shield the seabed from farm-related impacts, enabling expansion into new farming areas.
What if we could mimic nature?
Watermoon provides an optimal environment for our fish, with the right temperature, oxygenation and currents, just like in nature. Allowing for superior animal welfare, consistency and high quality.
What if we could be nature positive?
Watermoon requires no land use and has minimal visual impact. We collect up to 90% of the solid waste. By adding low trophic species to the ecosystem we can also recover dissolved nutrients.
What if we could fully understand our fish?
By monitoring in- and outputs, we are able to enhance our understanding of the fish and our advanced software allows us to further optimize the living conditions.
Curious about Watermoon?